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Yellotools- An Ingenious Spin on the Everyday Sign Tool!

Yellotools transforms your pain points into sign-making and car-wrapping perfection!

Yellotools is a new line of sign tools debuting at USCutter, designed by sign-makers for sign-makers. If necessity is the mother of invention, then waste, inefficiency, and pain are the mother of Yellotools. This German-based manufacturer’s slogan is “We Love What You Hate”.

Each one of our 24 products to start with were born out of a sign-maker’s dream or hack to solve a particular pain point in installation, application, or removal of graphics. The result is: an ingenious spin on the everyday sign tool!

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Yellotools SignTool Box - The Ultimate SignMaker's Companion Tool Bag
Yellotools Fineliner Bevel-Head Safety Ruler and Material Trimmer
Yellotools BodyGuard Knife Twin for Vinyl Backer Strip Cutting
Yellotools BodyGuard Knife Twin for Vinyl Backer Strip Cutting - PTFE Non-Stick Feet
Yellotools ProWrap Betty 30 Degree Round-Edged Squeegee - Green
Yellotools Replacement PTFE Non-Stick Shoes for BodyGuard Knife and Twin
Yellotools YelloWings Betty 5pk Replacement Pads - Microfine or Poly
Yellotools TimberMaxx Wooden Squeegee / Graphics Applicator
Yellotools GeckoPatch Microsuction-Backed Patches for Holding Magnets
Yellotools JanusWeeder Dual Tip Weeding / Popping Tool
Yellotools YelloCut EasyFlip Retractable Mini Cutter
Yellotools EasyCoroCut HD Heavy Duty Coroplast Cutter - 3mm
Yellotools YelloHook Precision Hook Weeding Tool
Yellotools PrintJoggle Set for Aligning Graphics on Substrates
Yellotools TinnyCut Mag Safety Vinyl Material Cutter with Magnet
Yellotools SqueegeeRuler All-in-1 Squeegee and Measuring Tool
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