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Titan Design Starter Package - Titan 2 + VinylMaster Upgrade + FREE Media
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Titan Design Starter Package - Titan 2 + VinylMaster Upgrade + FREE Media

All the Design Software features you'd ever want, all the cutting power you'd ever need, and FREE media samples to start your business!

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Product Description

Titan Design Starter Package - Titan 2 + VinylMaster Upgrade + FREE Media

For Onyx & Flexi software for your print-and-cut solution, we recommend the Graphtec CE6000 or FC8600 Series Vinyl Cutters.

Build the core of a new business with 1 purchase - design and cut the decals of your dreams for vehicles, banners, and signs; or pair with a printer for contour cut graphics, stickers, and labels.

The Titan Design Package begins with a USCutter Professional-Series Titan 2 vinyl cutter. This machine features metal parts, sturdy housing, a precise and quiet servo motor, and manual-set laser-assist technology to read crop marks for contour cutting of print-and-cut graphics. Included VinylMaster LETTER software provides robust vectorization of graphics for scaling and cutting, node editing, path welding and manipulating, text effects including arching and drop shadows, color separation and job spooling for vinyl layering projects, contour cutting wizard, and 1,000's of clipart graphics! Start immediately putting your powerful equipment and software to the test with yards and yards of FREE varied vinyl options for application onto vehicles, windows, and more!

What's included in this business starter kit?

USCutter TITAN 2 Vinyl Cutter with Manual Contour Cutting - 28"

  • Laser registration for contour cutting function
  • Carriage with 4 wheels
  • Aluminum alloy construction, precision ABS sides
  • All metal moving parts
  • Mac & PC compatible USB and RS-232 connection
  • Large LCD display & control panel for adjusting speed and cutting force
  • Cuts adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, cardstock, paint mask stencil, laminate, sandblast mask, low & high intensive reflective material
  • Servo motor for quiet and accurate performance
Included with the TITAN 2 cutter are:
  • NEW Vinyl Cutter
  • Floor Stand & Material Basket with All TITAN-2 Models
  • Design & Cut Professional Software: VinylMaster Cut
  • Blade Holder
  • 3 TITAN Blades, (1x60° , 1x45° & 1x30° blade)
  • Pen Holder (use to plot instead of cut)
  • Stand Assembly Tools
  • USB Cable
  • 9-pin Serial Cable
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • FREE Lifetime Phone Support

VinylMaster Letter Edition for Titan

VinylMaster Ltr v4.0 is ideal for small business and home offices that sell/design basic signs and/or craft based items.

VinylMaster Ltr adds:

  • Improved Vectorizing for super accurate Tracing of images
  • Auto-Generate Outlines for Print & Cut (Contour Cutting)
  • Tiling/Panelling for Oversize Artwork
  • Step & Repeat (Multiple Copies)
  • Exporting your Artwork to a .ai, .eps or .dxf
  • Text on Arc and Text on Path
  • Curve Editing and more Node tools
  • Power Shapes (Arrow & Star) + Two Sets of Basic Shapes
  • Block and Drop Shadows, Inline and Outline + Stripe Effect
  • Contour Cutting Wizard plus Print & Cut from two or more devices
  • AI, EPS, PDF & SVG import/export (inc. text, images, gradients etc.)
  • Welding and Shaping (for Advanced Artwork Design)
  • Tool Paths for Engraving
  • Cutter/Printer support with over 5,000 direct drivers included
  • 5,200 Fonts 10,000 Logos 3,600 Clipart plus much more!
  • Over 500 powerful tools and features at your disposal
  • 430+ Page Manual, Online FAQ, Knowledgebase plus more
  • 200+ Lessons and Tutorials included at no charge

Vectorization Tools

VinylMaster Letter software is quite possibly the best vinyl cutting software on the market today. With built in vectorization tools, compatibility with all the major image formats, even low quality jpeg and bitmap images, VinylMaster Letter can quickly and easily turn a broad variety of images into cuttable vector path designs in seconds. Simply use the VinylMaster Letter image trace feature on any image and it will be converted into a plotting file ready to cut or make further edits.

Contour Cutting Wizard

Add registration marks, print, and cut from 1 screen - with helpful prompts from the software wizard.

VinylMaster Letter is equipped to provide precise contour cutting whether your machine works with LAPOS (Laser Positioning Sensor) for manual contour cutting or ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) for automatic contour cutting. Contour cutting, cutting the outline around a printed image, is perfected with VinylMaster Letter for applications like stickers and custom printed labels. The GUI that VinylMaster Letter offers provides you with diagrams to preview and modify before completing your contour cuts. This preview will even assist you in loading your media into your cutter correctly. VinylMaster Letter has an advanced feature to allow for sensitivity control over your cutter's optical eye when using the ARMS feature. This feature ensures that your registration marks can be read when cutting matte, gloss, laminated or even reflective material.

Design and Image Editing Tools

VinylMaster Letter functionality includes text tools, curves, shapes, logos, drop shadows and more as well as the ability to import from AI, EPS and PDF files easily. In addition to the VinylMaster Letter variety of tools, there are a number of clipart samples. With dimension and layout tools, your design will be completed accurately while saving material from being wasted. Editing nodes, customizing and adjusting shapes, arc text, and welding and manipulating paths are all easy to use and reliable functions with VinylMaster Letter.

Note: Internet access is required for product download and support.

ORAFOL Oracal Plotter Sample Material Kit

Oracal plotter films include performance cast films such as Oracal 951 & 751 for uneven surfaces. Calendered films such as 631 for indoor and short temp applications or 651 for medium-term outdoor applications. Transparent and translucent films like 8800, 8500, 8300 and other specialty films for frosted, etched and dusted glass looks. In addition to sample materials (random color samples), this sample kit includes the proper application tape, tools and an Oracal color guide with all the color swatches for Oracal's Plotter Series films.


  • * 2 Rolls of Oracal Plotter Film 24" x 5 Yards
    • 1 roll likely to be Oracal 8500 Translucent High Performance Vinyl
    • 1 roll likely to be Oracal 631 Exhibition Cal Vinyl - or - 651 Intermediate Cal Vinyl
  • 1 roll Oracal HT55 Transfer Tape 6" x 10 Yards
  • 1 Oracal Color Chart
  • Goodie Bag Containing:
    • 1 Oracal Cutzit
    • 1 Oracal Chizzler
    • 1 Oracal Medium Hardness Squeegee
    • 1 Oracal Felt Tip Squeegee

* Possible media includes an opaque, translucent, transparent, or specialty film such as:
8810, 8800, 951, 641,
8710, 8500, 751, 631,
8510, 8300 & 651.

ORACAL 951 Premium Cast Vinyl or 8810 Frosted Glass Vinyl - 24" x 3 feet Sample Random Color

A Sample of ORACAL's premium cast vinyl film. Receive a 24" x 3 foot sheet of Oracal 951 Premium Cast or 8810 Frosted Glass Vinyl.

Recommended application tape is Oratape HT55.

ORACAL 751 High Performance Cast Vinyl or 8510 Etched Glass Vinyl - 24" x 3 feet Sample Random Color

A Sample of either Oracal's 751 High Performance Cast Vinyl or 8510 Etched Glass Vinyl.

Creative Films Prime (Outdoor) - 24" x 2 Yards of Polychrome Silver

Metallic Film-004

Polychrome film from Creative Film Corp. offers a brilliant, Chrome-like finish.This versatile product adds the shine of smooth metal to displays, signs, and decals. This is the CHROME SILVER version, a 1mil (.001") PVC film, in a 24'' by 10yd roll. This is the PRIME SERIES,which has an almost unlimited indoor lifespan, and will perform outdoors for 5 to 6 years.

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