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Secabo Smart Press
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Dual Station Clamshell

Auto Open



15 in x 15 in
16 in x 20 in



Maximum Heat

399° F
437° F



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Secabo Smart Heat Press

Secabo Smart Press

New Secabo Smart Heat Press

This professional heat press system has a modular design for limitless configurations. Start with the control box and frame, you pick the options!

Optional quick change system for easily interchanging a variety of bottom platen formats for pressing sleeves, pockets, pants legs, etc.

Optional slider extension for setting up multi-stage workflows for apparel with sleeves, pockets, etc., as well as configuring as a dual station for simultaneous garment prepping and pressing!

If all these options were purchased together on a preassembled unit from the factory, you’d be looking at a heat press priced in the many thousands of dollars, and costing a fortune to ship! The Secabo Smart heat press ships as a kit of components that you select and assemble, saving you a ton of money!

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TC5 Secabo Smart Heat Press 15
Secabo Smart Press Interchangeable Base Plates (Sold Individually)
Secabo Smart Press Quick Change System for TC5 or TC7 Heat Press
Secabo Smart Press Dual Quick Change Slider Extension for TC5 or TC7 Heat Press
15in x 15in Platen for Secabo TC5 Smart Heat Press
16in x 20in Platen for Secabo TC7 Smart Heat Press
Secabo Quick-Change Adapter Plate for TC5, TC7 Smart Standard Platens
Refurbished 16
Refurbished TC5 Secabo Smart Heat Press 15
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