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RTape Conform Series 4076-RLA - High-Tack Application Tape with RLA - 100yd
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RTape Conform Series 4076-RLA - High-Tack Application Tape with RLA - 100yd

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Product Description

RTape Conform Series 4076-RLA - High-Tack Application Tape with RLA - 100yd

R Tape Conform® Series with RLA®

The Original Paper & Clear Film Application Tapes That Lay Flat and Stick to the Liner!

R Tape presents an outstanding assortment of paper application tapes to help tackle every project. These Ready-to-apply graphics are clean and free from tunnels, wrinkles or edge curl thanks to R Tape's ingenious Release Liner Adhesion (RLA®) Technology!

A leader within the sign making industry, R Tape Conform Series® meets the needs of those who demand quality with a Comprehensive Product Line of:

  • "EZ Tear" clear film tapes
  • Standard & premium-weight paper application tapes
  • Premium-grade premasks for UV inks & clear coats

Trouble-Free Storage & Transport

Stacked graphics will not "dog ear" then stick together, and rolled graphics will not tunnel.

User-Friendly Handling

Conform® tapes separate easily without delaminating if the adhesive side accidentally folds onto itself, and ensure clean tearing with no stringy adhesive. They also hold up better during wet application work, removing cleanly from vinyl and eliminating time-consuming clean-up.

RTape Application Guide

AT60n AT65 4078RLA/
Tack Low Medium Medium-High Medium-High High
General purpose sign application   AT65 4078RLA 4075RLA
One piece large decals over 24" AT60n     4075RLA  
Textured and etched glass vinyls     4078RLA
Small prespaced CAD lettering below 2"     AT75 4075RLA 4076RLA
Medium prespaced CAD lettering below 12"   AT65 AT75 4075RLA  
Large prespaced CAD lettering below 18" AT60n AT65      
Banners     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Multi-colored overlays AT60n AT65 AT75    
Paint Mask Vinyl     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Wall Graphics     4078RLA
Thermal Die Cuts     AT75    

*Red indicates 1st choice & Blue indicated 2nd choice for application quality.

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