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RTape Clear Choice AT75 - General Purpose Clear Embossed High-Tack Application Tape - 100yd
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RTape Clear Choice AT75 - General Purpose Clear Embossed High-Tack Application Tape - 100yd

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Product Description

RTape Clear Choice AT75 - General Purpose Clear Embossed High-Tack Application Tape - 100yd

The Clear Choice for Sign Makers, and Most Cost-Effective Alternative to Paper Tape!

AT75 is R-Tape's most revolutionary application film that combines the most user-friendly features of their most popular products. The result is an application film that is easy to handle, doesn't yellow, and works in wet applications. But the biggest feature is AT75's air-egress technology. The embossed surface of the AT75 facestock impresses a grid pattern of air-egress micro-tunnels in the adhesive for bubble-free lamination of the application tape to vinyl graphics. The deeply-embossed surface also allows the user to tear AT75 by hand in a perfectly straight line for easy dispensing. Say goodbye to trimmers and scissors! The performance properties of AT75 also make vinyl application a breeze. The rigid facestock prevents any stretching and the inevitable misalignment problems that ensue. The good clarity of AT75 film ensures precise registration of multi-color overlays.

RTape Application Guide

AT60n AT65 4078RLA/
Tack Low Higher Medium-High Medium-High High
General purpose sign application   AT65 4078RLA 4075RLA
One piece large decals over 24" AT60n     4075RLA  
Textured and etched glass vinyls     4078RLA
Small prespaced CAD lettering below 2"     AT75 4075RLA 4076RLA
Medium prespaced CAD lettering below 12"   AT65 AT75 4075RLA  
Large prespaced CAD lettering below 18" AT60n AT65      
Banners     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Multi-colored overlays AT60n AT65 AT75    
Paint Mask Vinyl     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Wall Graphics     4078RLA
Thermal Die Cuts     AT75    

*Red indicates 1st choice & Blue indicated 2nd choice for application quality.

AT75 Advantages:

  • Superior lay-flat characteristics to release liners
  • No adhesion build to vinyl during long-term storage
  • Excellent, all-purpose, clear application tape for computer-cut vinyl emblems
  • Excellent quick'stick for immediate pick-up for plotter cut vinyl
  • Superior wet application performance
  • Good clarity for application of multi-layer graphics
  • Rigid facestock will not stretch and cause misalignment during application of graphics
  • Comes in 16 different sizes to ensure the perfect match for your application tape needs
  • Factory-cut Rolls:

    Cutting application tape with a baloney slicer damages the ends of the rolls. The pressure of the cutting blade compresses the edges of the roll, causing gapping as well as fusing one layer of the tape to stick to another. RTape razor cuts all of its application tape rolls, ensuring that each layer of tape is slit perfectly, one layer at a time. There are no adhesive balls, no gapping between of tape (which dries out the adhesive), and no nicked edges which can tear tape.

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