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RTape Clear Choice AT65 - General Purpose High-Tack Application Tape - 100yd
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RTape Clear Choice AT65 - General Purpose High-Tack Application Tape - 100yd

Condition: New
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Product Description

Note: AT65 has been reclassified as a high-tack adhesive tape according to information received by the vendor. Please be aware that some of our shipping labels and other marking materials may still reflect that it is a "medium-tack" tape.

RTape Clear Choice AT65 - General Purpose Clear High-Tack Application Tape - 100yd

The NEW, universal clear application tape for maximum versatility & precision.


  • High Tack Adhesive
  • Repositionable
  • Clear
  • Easy Unwind
  • Exceptional Lay Flat Characteristics
  • Resists Tunneling and Curling

Suitable for:

  • Small to medium size lettering
  • Difficult to lift vinyl films
  • Multi-layer applications
  • Textured vinyl

Clear Choice® AT65 is an ultra-clear, high tack film application tape that provides exceptional performance and versatility for the widest range of sign applications. Simply put, AT65 is the tape you’ll want to keep on-hand.

RTape Application Guide

AT60n AT65 4078RLA/
Tack Low High Medium-High Medium-High High
General purpose sign application   AT65 4078RLA 4075RLA
One piece large decals over 24" AT60n     4075RLA  
Textured and etched glass vinyls     4078RLA
Small prespaced CAD lettering below 2"     AT75 4075RLA 4076RLA
Medium prespaced CAD lettering below 12"   AT65 AT75 4075RLA  
Large prespaced CAD lettering below 18" AT60n AT65      
Banners     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Multi-colored overlays AT60n AT65 AT75    
Paint Mask Vinyl     4078RLA 4075RLA  
Wall Graphics     4078RLA
Thermal Die Cuts     AT75    

*Red indicates 1st choice & Blue indicated 2nd choice for application quality.

AT65’s high tack adhesive system is especially well-suited for transferring small, high detail-cut graphics and vinyl films with tight liner release, such as Oracal 651 Intermediate Calendered Vinyl. An exceptionally clear film facestock allows for precise registration of multiple color overlays, while the rigid polypropylene film minimizes stretching for precise alignment of graphics.

Versatility: AT65 is designed for, and been tested to work with, gloss vinyls of the major brands.

Water Resistant: The unique polymerization process of the acrylic adhesive ensures a water resistant application tape.

Clarity: The transparency of the AT65 aids precise registration.

Easy Handling: The rigidity of the polypropylene film minimizes misalignment of application for easier installation.

Static Control: The superior Adhesive reduces static charges for easier lamination.

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