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767 lbs


Cold Laminator
Heat Assisted Cold Laminator
Hot Laminator
Trimming Tools

Maximum Heat

266º F


CWT Worktools USA
Graphic Finishing Partners, LLC
Royal Sovereign
Royal Sovereign Cold Laminators
Royal Sovereign Cold Laminators (Heat Assist)

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Lamination PRESERVES printed graphics, doubling their outdoor life, protecting them against fading caused by UV solar radiation and deterioration from the elements. For anyone producing wide format printed graphics, lamination is an essential step in the workflow to creating a ‘finished’ product.

With a laminating machine you will be able to laminate prints, mount prints to substrates, hot laminate prints, apply transfer tape and much more.

Cold laminators use rollers to apply pressure-sensitive films to your media as it’s being fed through. Good for printers with quick-drying inks like latex or aqueous, because these prints will be ready immediately for lamination. In heat-assist laminators, a heating element warms the top roller, accelerating the process of ink drying and outgassing, so that solvent prints can be processed with quicker turnaround (an hour or two vs. a day). Heat also helps to set the adhesive quicker.

For more detailed information and an overview of laminates, please check out our blog. Also know, that USCutter has financing options available for this major capital equipment purchase.

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Demo Royal Sovereign 55
CWT 1016 Advantage Flat Bed Applicator Work Table 4’5” x 3’1”
CWT 1630 Base Work Table and Flat Bed Applicator
CWT Work Table and Flat Bed Applicator with LED Illumination
GFP 355TH, 55
GFP 230C, 30
GFP 255C, 55
GFP 363TH, 63
Gfp 563TH-3  63
Gfp 865DH 65
Royal Sovereign 55
Royal Sovereign 65
Royal Sovereign RSC-820 CLS 32
Royal Sovereign RSL-2702 27
Royal Sovereign 55
Royal Sovereign RSC-1402CW 55
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