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Knifeless Tech Systems Vehicle Wrap Tape, Finish Line or DesignLine
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Knifeless Tech Systems Vehicle Wrap Tape, Finish Line or DesignLine

Knife Less, Finish Line or Designline Wrap Cutting Tape

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Product Description

Knifeless Tech Systems Vehicle Wrap Tape, Finish Line or Designline

This new, cutting-edge product is a must-have for everyone involved in the vehicle wrapping industry. Knifeless is a specialty tape specifically made to cut graphic film without using a knife. The tape has a visible, high-strength filament (thread) down the middle that is used to do the cutting.

The tape is extremely flexible and can turn smoothly in any direction, making it the perfect tool for detail work around doors, windows, wheel wells, etc. While it can conform to even the tightest edges and surfaces, it is also ideal for creating perfect, smooth, straight lines. This product will put you ahead of your competition, enabling you to finish your projects MUCH faster and without having to heat your vinyl. Your customers will be amazed at how quickly their vehicles are done and how perfect they look!

To use, the graphic film is placed over the tape. The filament is then pulled up through the graphic film to produce a perfect cut every time. You can trim absolutely anywhere, and never worry about the hassles and dangers of using a knife again! The excess film then removes cleanly without leaving any residue behind.

USCutter offers two different varieties of this extremely popular tape. First, Knifeless Finish Line Tape is one of the most popular must-haves among vehicle wrappers everywhere. With a 3.5 mm (1/8") nominal width, it is ideal for most wrap applications. It is conformable around bumpers, door handles, mirrors, etc, and will make your car-wrapping jobs so much easier than you ever thought possible! Each roll comes in 164 ft length.

DesignLine is one of Knifeless Tech System's newer models. This product guarantees knife-like cuts and allows for maximum stretching, follows contours effortlessly, and turns easily in any direction. It is excellent for creating precise detail work such as designs and stripes with no extra steps required to achieve a perfect cut. DesignLine has been proven to work with 2-3 mil vinyls, carbon fiber, chrome, and other textured vinyls. These rolls also come in a 164 ft length.

Finish Line Tape - 1/8" / 3.5mm wide

  • Conforms and turns easily
  • 3M Certified installation tool
  • Used in many situations while wrapping
  • Cuts through multiple layers of vinyl with ease to create an embossed look
  • Used to make butt joints
  • Great for cutting a sixteenth of an inch on the rubber so you can tuck behind

Designline Tape - 1/8" / 3.5mm wide

  • The cut produced will rival a knife or a plotter
  • Not a wrapping tool, made for designing
  • Single layer vinyl application only
  • Create perfect stripes, (curved or straight)
  • Designing is easy because the tape turns with ease in any direction
  • It's faster, you can break the tape with your hands
  • Pulling the filament slowly in tight turns will still give great cuts
  • Filament and tape are made to slightly stretch together, works similar to pin striping

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