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Bigfoot By the Foot Heat Press Deluxe Starter Kit
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Bigfoot By the Foot Heat Press Deluxe Starter Kit

The ultimate selection of premium brand HTV sheets in different colors & effects, tools, and other supplies for heat press garment applications!

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Product Description

Bigfoot By the Foot Heat Press Deluxe Starter Kit

Get your garment decorating business off the ground with a wide selection of deeply discounted HTV sheets of all sorts representing our Order by the Foot program to start decorating t-shirts and other fabrics. Start with a space-conscious economical 15” x 15” clamshell heat press and a wealth of media sheets to start making decals, numbers, and lettering from specialty heat transfer vinyl industry leaders Siser and Color Theory. Also includes Non-Stick sheets, platen cleaner, your choice of a LogoIt alignment tool (or Bigfoot 31" ruler for only $2 more), and weeding kit.

This KIT includes the following:

15" x 15" Clamshell Heat Press (Base Option)


This 15" x 15" clamshell heat press gives you a large area for t-shirt and fabric heat transferring. Clamshell heat presses save room over the standard swing arm heat presses, and can be easier to manage depending on the set up of your workspace.

  • Digital control panel with real-time temp display.
  • Automatic alarm.
  • Whole body aluminum board.
  • High density heating board.
  • Vertical pressure.

PLEASE NOTE: The color of your press may vary based on inventory levels.

SISER Multi Product Heat Transfer Vinyl Pack, 15" x 12" sheets

The Siser MULTI PRODUCT Starter Kit consists of TWELVE 15" x 12" sheets of Siser heat-transfer vinyl in the most popular colors. A great way to get acquainted with Siser's varied and versatile product lines! You get one sheet each of:

  • EasyWeed - White
  • EasyWeed - Black
  • EasyWeed - Fluorescent Green
  • EasyWeed STRETCH - Silver
  • EasyWeed STRETCH - Black
  • EasyWeed ELECTRIC - Red
  • StripFlock - White
  • VideoFlex Glitter - Silver
  • ReflectAll - Green (20" x 12")
  • Holographic - Crystal (20" x 12")
  • Glow-in-the-Dark heat transfer (20" x 12")
  • EasyWeed METALLIC - Gold (20" x 12")

Please Note: *In rare circumstances of limited inventory, some of the colors stated here may be substituted with other similar colors in order to ship your full order on time.


EasyWeed is a polyurethane, ready-to-cut material designed for custom garment decoration. EasyWeed is in a league of its own because of its pressure sensitive carrier. This feature allows you to weed small letters and fine designs easily. Much thinner than other film materials, EasyWeed offers excellent durability, even after repeated washings. It’s great for player names and numbers or adding personalization to corporate wear. Because of its thinness, it’s extremely easy to cut, weed, and heat apply and is perfect for single color or multi-layered applications. This is a HOT PEEL product.

Compatible Fabrics:

  • 100% polyester
  • 100% cotton
  • All poly/cotton blends

Suggested Uses:

  • Two color names and numbers
  • Multi-color logos
  • Great for uniforms and work wear

30 Sheets SISER EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle, 15" x 12" Assorted Colors

Our history of selling Siser EasyWeed by-the-foot has shown the colors included in this bundle to be the most popular. Black and white are at the top, so this starter sheet sample kit includes five sheets/ea of black and white.

Colors included are:

White (x5),
Black (x5),
x1 of each: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue, Brown, Gold, Silver, Purple, Turquoise,
Bright Red, Hibiscus, Lime, Lemon, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Pink
(PLEASE NOTE: In very rare occurrences that a color is out of stock, we may ship a substitute in order to get your order out on time.)

EasyWeed polyurethane film is the world's best selling heat transfer material thanks to the EasyWeed Advantage.

  • Applies at lower temperatures
  • Peels HOT or COLD
  • Weed small letters and detailed designs without losing pieces
  • Mounted on a pressure sensitive carrier
  • Extremely durable, wash after wash
  • Applied results light and flexible
  • Thinner than other films
  • Excellent for multi-color jobs
  • CPSIA Certified
Adheres to:
  • 100 percent polyester
  • 100 percent cotton
  • Poly cotton blends
  • Leather

Testing: Always test on a fabric swatch prior to production, especially on heavily treated fabrics.

Color Theory Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl - 10 Color Starter Kit, 12"x20" ea.

Color Theory Glitter is a high-quality richly colored, textured, sparkly heat transfer vinyl for CAD/CAM cutting and is suitable for decorating cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly blend garments. This adds the perfect touch for gymnastics, cheer, and dance apparel.

Colors included in this kit:

Silver, Gold, Grass Green, Red, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Black, Jade, Rainbow White & Rainbow Aqua.

Please Note: *In rare circumstances of limited inventory, some of the colors stated here may be substituted with other similar colors in order to ship your full order on time.


For use in a majority of garment applications, including on cotton, polyester, and blends. For fashion style garments, cheer and gymnastics apparel and events, tote bags and more!

Note: If you're looking for a product specifically intended for waterproof, leather, or nylons and stretch fabrics, consider Siser EasyWeed Extra available at USCutter website. Additional Note: Glitter is recommended as a top layer only. Glitter is not recommended as a bottom layer or to be layered.

Testing: Always test on a fabric swatch prior to production, especially on heavily treated fabrics.

Feather Light Heat Transfer Vinyl by Siser 7 Color Kit, 15" x 12"

Feather Light heat transfer vinyl is a Siser product with an incredible “feather light” feel. Easy and fast applies especially well to thin fashion fabrics, is washer friendly and very durable. Ideal for thin substrate materials like polyester-based taffeta, voile, satins and crepes. (Common in women’s clothing including blouses and undergarments and higher end men’s golf shirts and resort wear.)

Adheres to:

  • Cotton
  • 100% Uncoated Polyester
  • Poly/ Cotton blends
  • Lycra® & Spandex

EZ Off Heat Press Platen Cleaner 5.25 oz tube

Safely & easily remove residue from your upper heat press platen!

Keeping your heat press platen clean is very important. It not only extends the life of your heat platen but also stops the dirty platen from transferring stains to your shirts, tote bags, etc. Won't pit or scratch metal surfaces.

Non-Flammable Safe for metal, fabric and skin.

No scraping or harmful chemicals used.

15" x 15" Heat Press Non-Stick Sheet

Non-Stick sheets are great for both fabric and heat press protection for any type of heat transfer. The Non-Stick protects the shirt and the press while still allowing heat to transfer the design. You can also use a Non-Stick sheet and a heat press to give direct plastisol prints a glossy look and feel.

LogoIt Tool - Heat Transfer Alignment Tool (or Bigfoot 31" Ruler for $2 more [see add-ons tab])

The LogoIt tool is an essential for any shirt/apparel business. It allows you to effortlessly place your chest design in same place on every shirt!

  • Works with all sizes of shirts. Place logo where you wish.
  • Each logo goes in same spot on each shirt.
  • Works with all sizes of logos and designs.

A must have for any heat transfer business!


  • Find the center of the collar using the side or top ruler.
  • Place target circle on center of lower collar.
  • Place design in desired location. Remove LogoIt and press.
  • Place logo in the same spot on every piece.

USCutter Rapid Weed Stainless Steel Weeding Kit

This high-quality weeding tool kit contains a range of useful tools for weeding and vinyl installation. The kit comes in a convenient and durable zippered case for easy transport. This kit includes: Weedeater Mini Blade with 2 blades, Gooseneck Tweezers, Dual-tip Ball Weeder, Magnatweezer Weeder, a metal burnisher, and a 2-in-1 Wood burnisher with needle point.

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