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GreenStar 5-Color Outdoor Vinyl Starter Packs, 24" x 5 Yard Rolls, 3mil
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GreenStar 5-Color Outdoor Vinyl Starter Packs, 24" x 5 Yard Rolls, 3mil

5 Color bundles for great looking combinations!

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Product Description

GreenStar Outdoor Vinyl Color Chart

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GreenStar 5 Color Outdoor Vinyl Starter Packs, 24" x 5 Yard Rolls, 3mil

GreenStar IPV vinyl is part of an exciting new line of products now available from USCutter! GreenStar Intermediate Performance Vinyl (IPV) is a 5-year, calendered vinyl, custom formulated for basic sign use. All colors come in a high gloss finish, with black and white also available in a matte finish.

Green Star IPV vinyl is great for general purpose interior/exterior graphics of all types including signs, banners, and window graphics. An excellent vinyl to cut, weed and transfer, Green Star IPV vinyl has an outdoor lifespan of up to 5 years (3 years for metallic vinyl) and is made in USA.

These 5 color sample packs of 24" x 5-yard rolls come in the following combinations.

* Monochrome Color Bundle includes:

  • GS010 White
  • GSM010 Matte White
  • GS070 Black
  • GSM070 Matte Black
  • GS074 Middle Gray

* Cool Color Bundle includes:

  • GS053 Olympic Blue
  • GS404 Very Purple
  • GS068 Green
  • GS043 Lavender
  • GS065 Sapphire Blue

* Warm Color Bundle includes:

  • GS036 Orange
  • GS032 Tomato
  • GS022 Canary Yellow
  • GS030 Real Red
  • GS063 Lime-tree Green

* Pastel Color Bundle includes:

  • GS043 Lavender
  • GS042 Like Lilac
  • GS045 Bubblegum
  • GS020 Sunflower Yellow
  • GS066 Aqua

*In rare circumstances of limited inventory, some of the colors stated here may be substituted with other similar colors in order to ship your full order on time.

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