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Graphtec 1.5mm Supersteel 45° Blades (2/pack) p/n CB15U-2
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Graphtec 1.5mm Supersteel 45° Blades (2/pack) p/n CB15U-2

Compatible with the new and improved Graphtec Blade holders.

Condition: New
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Product Description

Graphtec 1.5mm Supersteel 45 Degree Blades (2/pack)

1.5mm 45°, Supersteel Blade (2/pack) / for PHP32/33/35-CB15N-HS Blade holders with built in springs. For cutting media which was too thick for the CB09UA blade. Suitable for cutting media from .25mm to .5mm thick.
* These blades can be used with blade holders which do not have a built in spring but springs are not included with these blades (you must retain old springs).

Replacement blades for Graphtec CE5000, CE6000, FC8000, FC8600, FC2250, FC4500 series vinyl cutters.

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