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Demo BOFA PrintPRO Universal Fume Extractor/Air Filter for Printing Machines
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Demo BOFA PrintPRO Universal Fume Extractor/Air Filter for Printing Machines

Demo machine located at our Redmond WA Location.

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Product Description

Demo BOFA PrintPRO Universal Fume Extractor/Air Filter for Printing Machines

Please Note: This machine has been used for testing and evaluating purposes. Although this unit has has been tested to be in good working condition, it may have potential cosmetic defects.

Introducing Bofa’s pioneering new extractor designed exclusively for print and print finishing industries. The equipment's unique features enable it to capture and remove odors generated during the printing process. It is virtually maintenance-free. The motor used within the unit is brushless and designed for continuous use.


  • Auto sensing voltage (90-257v) for global use
  • Specially treated carbon for safe containment of print fumes
  • Extended life carbon for low cost of ownership
  • Low operating noise level
  • VOC solvent gas sensor
  • Incorporates 3 separate inlet adaptors to accommodate all model printers

Print fume extraction for Solvent, UV, Latex and Dye Sublimation and Wide Format printers

BOFA develop, manufacture, supply and install high performance fume extraction and filtration systems. BOFA are the world leaders in the field of laser and print fume extraction equipment and have un-rivalled expertise in the development and production of the latest fume extraction technology solutions, creating units for every industry and application. BOFA offer support and service for LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) testing to ensure compliance with the latest Health and Safety Executive COSHH regulations under HSG258 guidelines and are committed to providing reliable, safe, simple to use, cost effective systems that meet and often exceed health and safety legislation worldwide. BOFA’s range of PrintPRO fume extraction systems are designed for applications that generate particulate and gaseous organic compounds within the wide and super-wide printing sector. Solutions are available for a variety of ink types including; Solvent, UV, Latex and Dye Sublimation. The PrintPRO 1000 is for fume extraction for large format, super wide and flat bed printers. The PrintPRO range combines high capture performance with proven filter technology ensuring the effective removal of particulate, gases/vapours and odours associated with MEK, other Ketone and Ozone (UV) applications. The high pre & post heating of many film products, including in the latex printing process, create off gassing of the film as well as adhesives used in the products. Protect Your People...The need for Extraction Work related occupational Asthma is directly associated with workplace exposure to fumes and dust. UK Health and Safety Executive (estimated) Statistics for 2010/11:

  • 4,000 deaths each year due to past exposure to fumes, chemicals and dusts
  • 7,000 new diagnoses of respiratory disease each year
  • 31,000 people who worked in the last 12 months had "breathing or lung problems" caused or made worse by work
  • 555,000 working days were lost due to breathing or lung problems

*Source: Occupational Asthma Statistics / HSE 2010-2011.

The implications for lost productivity are considerable but additionally there are other related economic factors to consider such as the cost of NHS treatments and social security payouts for Industrial Injury Disablement Benefits.

Despite these statistics there is a continuing decline in the number of cases. Such improvement can be largely attributed to increased awareness and better defined and managed H&S legislation. This drives the need for effective fume extraction systems. To support an increased awareness for H&S compliance our sales and technical staff regularly support training and educational seminars. Information is also detailed within our sales and marketing literature.

A more productive workplace...

In addition to the legal requirements, the protection and well being of workers has other positive implications. No matter which country or culture occupational health really does matter, as healthy motivated workers are without question more productive. Within BOFA we constantly monitor and react to the moral and legal issues surrounding occupational environment control. Historically our products have helped establish higher Health & Safety standards, and are now considered as the benchmark for our industry.

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