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Color Theory Primary HP Heat Transfer Vinyl 10" x 5 Yard Roll
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Color Theory Primary HP Heat Transfer Vinyl 10" x 5 Yard Roll

High-quality Weedable Workable HTV for Everyday Use on a Variety of Apparel.

Color Theory Primary now has a new "Hot Peel" adhesive formula.

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Product Description

Color Theory Primary HP Heat Transfer Vinyl 10" x 5 Yard Roll

Color Theory Primary Heat Transfer is PU (polyurethane) heat transfer vinyl for everyday use on a wide variety of common apparel decoration projects. This is a high-quality economical choice for volume users who want a versatile HTV that weeds easily and layers beautifully for multi-color designs. This product features a sticky backer for easy weedability of fine details and firm placement of graphics that will hold in place for production runs of decorated apparel.


  • Smooth gloss finish
  • Sticky backer for firm placement on production runs of shirts and easy weedability of fine details.
  • Layers beautifully for multi-color designs Note: Lower temperature setting to 300°F when layering to minimize risk of adhesive bleed


This is high-quality heat transfer vinyl for CAD/CAM cutting and is suitable for decorating cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly blend garments.

Note: If you're looking for a product specifically intended for waterproof, leather, or nylons and stretch fabrics, consider Color Theory Multiverse, available here by the foot.


  • Perform test cut, adjust blade force and cutting speed as necessary. Use a 45 or 60 degree blade
  • Cut MIRROR image through adhesive layer.
  • Weed the excess material.
  • Preheat garment 2 to 3 seconds.
  • With MEDIUM pressure, press the image on the garment with its backing at 325-345°F (150-160°C) for 10 seconds.
  • Peel the carrier off HOT or COLD.

Washing Instructions:

  • Always respect the instructions mentioned on the garments.
  • After heat pressing, wait 24 hours before first wash.
  • Turn garment inside out.
  • Machine wash 140°F (60°C) maximum.
  • NO bleach or other aggressive washing products.
  • Dry at a low dryer setting on household machines.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Ironing ok on backside only.
  • Storage of the roll: Vertically in a dry room, protected from sunlight.

Testing: Always test on a fabric swatch prior to production, especially on heavily treated fabrics.

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