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Avery Dennison
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15 in x 10 yd
15 in x 50 yd
15|24 in x 10|50 yd
24 in x 1 - 30 ft
24 in x 5 yd
24 in x 10 yd
24 in x 50 yd
30 in x 10 yd
30 in x 50 yd
48 in x 10 yd
48 in x 25 yd
48 in x 50 yd
60 in x 1 - 75 ft
60 in x 5 yd
60 in x 10 yd
60 in x 25 yd


1.3 mil
1.3 mil
1.5 mil
2 mil
2.1 mil
2.1 mil
2.2 mil
2.4 mil
3 mil
3.1 mil
3.2 mil
3.4 mil
5.7 mil
6 mil
6.0 to 8 mil
8 mil


Adhesive Backed
Cast Laminate
Flat, simple curves (restricted
Trimming Tools
Vinyl Bundle

Surface Finish

Gloss, satin or matte
Gloss or Matte
High Gloss
High Gloss Glitter
Very High Gloss

Outdoor Durability

3-6 month
4 years
5 years
Unprinted – expected durability 10 years(unwarranted)
Up to 1 year
Up to 1 year (unprinted)
Up to 2 year
Up to 3 years Vertical Exposure
Up to 4 year (unprinted)
Up to 5 years
Up to 6 years
Up to 12 years
Up to 12 years Vertical Exposure
Up to 4 years
Up to 5 years


Avery Dennison Corporation

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We now carry Avery Dennison premium vinyl products, with cast wrap, sign, and digital vinyl to start, and much more to come currently in the works!
Here is our new All Star Cast!


This is Avery Dennison’s 12-year outdoor conformable cast sign vinyl.


This is Avery Dennison’s solid color wrap material for cars, trucks, vans, and more. This ultra-conformable cast wrap lasts up to 10 years on vehicle bodies, providing the appearance and protection of paint at a fraction of the cost. Easy Apply RS adhesive allows for a longer repositioning window for efficient error-free turnover of wraps in busy shops.


This is Avery Dennison’s #1 digital printable material for vehicle wraps and outdoor graphics. Repositionable slidable adhesive allows for worry-free installation and a perfected face stock produces stunning defect-free print quality on latex, solvent, eco-solvent, and UV printers.

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Avery Dennison Glow In The Dark SF 100 Special Effects Vinyl, 24
Avery Dennison Glitter SC 900 Ultra Metallic Supercast Vinyl, 24
Avery Dennison MPI 2611 Removable Wall Film
Avery Dennison MPI 1405 PVC Free Polyurethane w/ 90# Easy Apply RS Liner, Versatile Wrap Film
Avery Dennison Fluorescent Vinyl SF 100 Cast Film 24
Avery Dennison Carbon Fiber Textured SW 900 Easy Apply RS Super Wrap Film, 60
Avery Dennison Ultra Metallic, High Gloss Glitter Vinyl, SC 900, 15 x 10 Yards (Punched)
Avery Dennison 2017 Vinyl Color Selector Guide
Avery Dennison SF 100 Conform Chrome, Super Wrap Film, 48
Avery Dennison Snitty Vinyl Cutting Knife
Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film Swatch Book
Avery Dennison SC 900 Supercast Opaque LTR EZ Vinyl, 24
Avery Dennison SC 900 Supercast Opaque Vinyl, 30
Avery Dennison PC 500 Promo Calendered Vinyl, 24
Avery Dennison SF 100 103 Ultra Clear Removable Polyester Print Film
Avery Dennison MPI 2077 Ultra-Removable Clear Film, 3.4 mil 54
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