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Anchor BlastLite™ Stencil #T226, 22 mil, Wood & HDU, High Tack
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Anchor BlastLite™ Stencil #T226, 22 mil, Wood & HDU, High Tack

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Product Description

Anchor BlastLite™ Stencil #T226, 22 mil, Wood & HDU, High Tack

Please note: IPG Anchor is pleased to announce two significant stencil product improvements that have been driven by the voice of our customers. Over the next 30-60 days, we will be implementing two specific changes to our product that we believe will be quickly seen and appreciated.

First, we have eliminated 92% of the white powder dust used to assure the rolls will not stick together during shipment or storage. While a light dusting will still be noticeable and some type of coating will always be required, we are working to eliminate as much of the “dust” as possible. You will see and feel the difference.

Secondly, we will be moving the color of our rubber base stock from our traditional “bright-white” to a “Tan” color. Our conversations with customers and our internal testing indicates that the “Tan” color makes the cut lines more visible and significantly reduces the possibility that a letter or symbol will be missed when weeding. As this change is phased into our inventory it may be a real possibility that you could receive rolls of both the white and the tan in the same shipment.

High-tack BlastLite™ is a specially-formulated rubber mask that is long-lasting and easy to use. This specially formulated rubber allows the material to conform tightly around curves and uneven surfaces. Natural flexibility properties and impact resistance makes it ideal for all substrates where shallow blasting is required. BlastLite™ High-tack Stencils are coated with an acrylic adhesive for use on raw wood, unprimed HDU, brick or unglazed tile. Available unpunched or friction fed. Can also be cut by a knife for a more precise fit.

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