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TransferRite AirMask Medium Tack Transfer Tape, 100yd Rolls
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TransferRite AirMask Medium Tack Transfer Tape, 100yd Rolls

Lays Perfectly Flat on Air Release Liners. Great for Shipping and Presenting Pre-Masked Projects to Clients!

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Product Description

TransferRite AirMask Medium Tack Transfer Tape, 100yd Rolls

A Powerful New Weapon in the War on Bubbles:

Air-release liners have been helping to eliminate bubbles for years, but no premask has worked well. Until now. TransferRite® AirMaskTM is a unique film with an affinity for air-release liners.

AirMask is designed for cold laminator application, eliminating the need for heated nip rollers or the heat vacuum process. This tape picks up matte finish vinyl easily. The film is very clear for easy registration of vinyl lettering and fine details and is not subject to the curling, tunneling, and channeling of paper tapes. The lay-flat adhesive adheres powerfully and uniformly to the air release liners of your vinyl for bubble-free crease-free presentation and delivery to the customer, as well as storage. When it comes time to take off the pre-mask, this tape removes cleanly, and butter. Many shops will never go back to other clear or paper tapes after using AirMask. Some shops even use it in place of any other retail packaging for their decals, prints, and lettering!

How it Works:

Suggested End Use:

Large format or cut graphics, RTA graphics, digital prints, partial wraps, esp. with exposed air-release liners.

PRO TIP: This is an invaluable aid for placing wraps on vehicles, and even removing dirt and other particles.

Please Note: For indoor removable vinyls (Oracal 631) we recommend Oracal HT55 Transfer Tape.

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