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Self Healing Cutting Mat
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Self Healing Cutting Mat

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Self Healing Cutting Mat

PolyPro Healing Cutting Mat, Self-Sealing, assorted sizes. Constructed from 180 gauge virgin seamless polyurethane with the ability to self-seal itself. This means your blades will last longer, you need less pressure to cut through, and you get MUCH smoother cuts when trimming. Unlike aluminum cutting mats and other substrates, your blades will not fall into previous cuts, creating unwanted trims. The printed, self-healing mats have center lines and incremental inch marks for easy measuring. A must have for every shop. Keeps your blades sharp and your materials clean while aiding in maintaining a dust free environment. You can choose printed of non-printed self healing mats, and they are available in up to 72" x 144".

1" printed grid option available where noted.

* Actual size of mat may vary by up to 1".

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