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Performance Vinyl
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12 in x 1 yd
12 in x 11 yd
12 in x 33 yd
15 in x 10 yd
15 in x 50 yd
24 in x 1 yd
24 in x 10 yd
24 in x 11 yd
24 in x 33 yd
24 in x 50 yd
30 in x 10 yd
30 in x 50 yd
48 in x 10 yd
48 in x 50 yd
54 in x 1 yd
54 in x 11 yd
54 in x 33 yd
60 in x 1 yd
60 in x 11 yd
60 in x 33 yd


2 mil
3 mil

Surface Finish

Gloss or Matte

Outdoor Durability

8 years
12 years


Oracal USA


Vehicle & Mask
Vinyl Cutting

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Premium Vinyl

ORACAL 751 High Performance ORACAL 951 Premium

Performance Vinyl creates eye-catching lettering, marking and decorative elements that meet the most extreme performance requirements. With its superior conformability over rivets and corrugations and unsurpassed dimensional stability, this film is ideal for lettering, marking and decoration with high requirements for durability and conformability. Performance Vinyl meets the most extreme performance requirements and is particularly suitable for high-quality vehicle and fleet graphics.

By clicking on the actual roll of vinyl, you can view all color options on the vinyl. Be cautious when choosing colors, they often will look different depending on computer screen.

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