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ORACAL 631 24" by 5 Yard Starter Kit - 12 Rolls
ORACAL 631 24" by 5 Yard Starter Kit - 12 Rolls

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ORACAL 631 24" by 5 Yard Starter Kit - 12 Rolls

The ORACAL 631 24 x 5 Sample Pack contains 12 of the most popular colors in the ORACAL 631 line. ORACAL 631 vinyl is a removable calendared vinyl that is ideal for most indoor applications. It features a lower-tack adhesive that won't damage interior walls during removal. Also has a matte surface which matches interior paint.

You will get twelve 24" by 5yd rolls, 1 roll each of:

  • 010-White
  • 030-Dark Red
  • 041-Pink
  • 045-Soft Pink
  • 050-Dark Blue
  • 056-Ice Blue
  • 060-Dark Green
  • 063-Lime-Tree Green
  • 070-Black
  • 080-Brown
  • 081-Light Brown
  • 082-Beige
  • Color Swatch is not available at this time.

The ORACAL Starter Pack is a great way to get set up with one of the most respected brands in the sign vinyl industry.


Please read Practical Information found on our Support & Downloads tab to make sure your walls are compatible with this low tack adhesive. Extra low and especially zero VOC paints can be problematic.

The recommended application tape for use with Oracal 631 is the Oracal HT55 application tape. Using the Rtape AT60 (or any medium tack application tape) is strongly discouraged as it is not recommended for matte finish materials.

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